Ajahn Pisit had the single greatest massage school for the blind in all of Thailand!

He trained some of the greatest massage therapists that now work in Bangkok, catering to the most elite Thai’s who demand the ultimate massage.

Ajahn Pisit (on the right) was the “bridge” between the ancient techniques of Thai Massage handed down over 2,000 years and the modern classroom arena of Bangkok.  His knowledge of Thai Massage was encyclopedic.

Ajahn Yong Kiat, his Disciple, is the greatest massage therapist to be trained PERSONALLY by Ajahn Pisit.

Ajahn Yong Kiat’s skill level is unmatched in Thailand because he combined all of the best techniques of the blind in Bangkok with the vast curriculum of Ajahn Pisit.

His goal is to spread the great art of Blind Thai Massage to the entire world.

His skill level is unmatched in Thailand.